Mysteries of Sovania

Arnutta: Day 2

Start: 8/15/821 SR
End: 8/15/821 SR

The party make their way further into the castle. After entering the courtyard they get attacked by 3 Slavers and 2 Ahuati firing arrows from the keep through Arrow Loops. After killing the slavers the players enter the keep and get jumped by 3 berserkers and the Ahuati fire more shots at targets still on the outside. The party makes their way to level 4 in little to no time thanks to Xanpos previous scouting mission. While traveling through the keep they encounter 9 guards. They finally enter the royal suite of the keep where the encounter Kafele. When they enter the keep they see Kafele donning his armor with the help of 2 peasants. The party also sees Pamont how has tatooes on his head and arms which are glowing upon the party entering. Durigath tries to send his zombie across the room when he is stopped by a wall of force. The party exchanges small talk with Kafele and Pamont. Pamont starts the combat 

Round 1.

Pamont cast frost bolt at 2 characters, then teleports out

2 Ahauti. Move in for multiattack attempting to disarm characters.

Kafele. Malign Wrath

Round 2.

Ahuati 2 uses multiattack on Xanpos.

Ahuati 3 rushes in through door attacking Xanpos.

Kafele. Command Undead and takes control of zombies and uses them to attack Xanpos. Then casts Crown of Madness on Sera. On her turn she attacks Xanpos.

Round 3.

Kafele recharges Malign Wrath damaging all and causing weakened soul on Helga

Round 4.

Kafele full out attacks Fang with three attacks.

END SESSION NOTES: We ended the session killing Kafele. We still need XP and treasure and story wrapup for Act 2.


sirdraxis sirdraxis

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