Mysteries of Sovania

Ashborn Vault

Start: 7/15/821 SR
End: 7/16/821 SR

Writing on this large stone door says "Here lies the vault of Tazzire, lord of the dragonborn, inciter of rebellions, bearer of freedom, intruders beware". The door appears to have no hinges or ability to hang by its own free will. The massive locked door is trapped with a lightning trap that can't be identified by normal means except for detect magic. 

Lightning Door trap
Dexterity save DC 20
This sliding door burst lighting in a 5-foot radius. Any creature near the door must make a dexterity save or suffer 4d8 lightning damage on a fail or half as much on a success.

The party travels past the sliding doors to a large crevice filled with a bubbling liquid which apperas to be acid with a broken path that is corroding away. Xanpos tests the liquid by scooping up some in his iron pot and testing a ration and water skin in the liquid. Each of the test led to the ration or water skin being disintegrated.

Acid Bridge 
Dexterity save DC 10
To cross the disintegrating bridge, the players must make a dexterity  check, DC 10 to move at half speed or fall into the acid taking 2d6 damage per round they are stuck in. Once a character falls they must succeed on a strength check DC 15 to get back out. 

After crossing the Acid Bridge the players proceed to a set of double doors that doesn't appear to be trapped or magical. After opening the door the players here something large drop creating a loud thump. As the door is fully open they see a gauntlet of pendulums, spinning blades and swinging spiked logs.

Gauntlet Room
Dexterity save DC 10 (pendulum) DC 15 Spinning Blade, DC 10 Swinging spiked log
Pendulum deals 2d12 slashing damage on failed save or no damage on a success. Spinning Blade deals 2d6 slashing damage damage on failed save or no damage on a success. Swinging spiked log deals 1d8 piercing plus 1d6 bludgeoning damage on a fail or no damage on a success. Players can only move at half their speed to make any dexterity checks.

Xanpos goes on by himself and after he passes the chamber he heals himself so that he can continue on.

Flames and Spikes
Dexterity save DC 15 (flames) DC 12 Floor Spikes
In order to make checks the player can only move at half speed. For the flames the players takes 3d6 fire damage on a success or half as much on a success. The spikes deal 1d6 piercing damage on a fail or no damage on a success. For each half movement two checks must be made, 1 for spike and 1 for flames. 

After Xanpos makes it to a room with a teleportation circle, Fang decides to try his luck at the gauntlet. One by one the party makes  it through the guantlet to the summoning circle room.

END SESSION NOTES: All players have received XP and there was no treasure from this session. We end the session at sitting in the cooridor just before the room of doors and summoning circle.


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