Mysteries of Sovania

Ruins of Ashborn: Session 2

Start: 7/15/821 SR
End: 7/15/821 SR

The players start in the ruins and get into a battle within the first few minutes of the session with 1 Air Elemental and 1 Earth Elemental. The players travel further into the ruins using the owl Nornad to scout ahead. They identify the position of a Storm Archon and 2 air elementals. After they engage the storm elementals Xanpos decides to charge in on the Storm Archons position yelling out "Come on" alerting the 3 Water elementals to his position. The players get sucked into a battle of impossible with odds with the water elementals and storm archon and manage to survive by shear dumb luck.

Ruins of Ashborn

END SESSION NOTES: The players end the session outside the ruined tower. Still need XP and treasure for this game session.

1,800 Copper 
1,500 Silver 
240 Gold 
1 Sardonyx gems worth 50 gp 
2 Carnelian gems worth 50 gp 
1 Onyx gems worth 50 gp 
1 Moonstone gems worth 50 gp 
1 Chalcedony gems worth 50 gp 
1 Ring of swimming


sirdraxis sirdraxis

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