Mysteries of Sovania

Raiding the Raiders

Start: 6/4/821 SR
End: 6/7/821 SR

The group decided to wait for the patrol to return where they kill 10 more bandits. The bandits are holding the following coin.

51 cp
42 sp
20 ep
8 gp

In addition to the coin, the group acquires the following gear from the camp

20 Camels
20 Tents
40 waterskins
200 dry rations
20 Iron pots
10 Rope (50-ft)
20 Sacks
20 Scimitar
1 Dagger

The party camps in the raider camp for the night then the next day they head back to Zabu where they sell all the camels and miscellaneous gear. Xanpos goes to work in the guild hall and has to make a leather skirt and bustier and after he completes the task he has Sera model it where she flaunts herself and flirts to persuade Harua. He then offers him a job as a full time leather worker and Sera steals a small piece of paper that appears to be an order for rough gems as if he was the supplier. Durigath Flamesmiter crafts a Rune of the Mine at the guild hall at the cost of 5 gp. Xanpos investigate the piece of paper with Letter from Kafele and finds that the hand writing matches. The party travels to the Sandy Ridge where they find a cavern that appears to house Jackals, Dogsilisk and Giant Lizards. They enter the cave to encounter the Giant Lizards.

END SESSION NOTES: The players all receive XP for the session. Fang and Durigath level up their characters and need to be entered into builder. Treasure for this session was already divvied up between active players.

Bandit Camps/Treasure Map

Start: 6/2/821 SR
End: 6/4/821 SR

The group goes to the tavern while they wait for the bard to come back with information from the Nomark. The run into Sera disguised as Princess Thea and help her kill a few thugs that want to rape her. She reveals her true identity to the players then slaps Fang in the face with a firm hand and intimidates him with a threat, "How dare you orc touch me, I will cut your balls off and shove them down your  throat. Then 10 minutes go by then she walks into her suite, the thugs follower her in shortly after. The party gives chase surprising the thugs.

25 cp
15 sp
Mace x2

Gargam comes back and tells the players that the Nomark didn't reveal much information about Harua but says that there have been a bunch of desert riders raiding carvans and stealing their goods. The acquire the quest Desert Raiders from the Nomark then travel to the Adventurer Quarter and meet with a few other factions picking up Elemental Incursion from The Doracian Alliance, Treasure Map from the Brothers of the Forge, The Charter from the Tandarian, quest lines. The party tracks the bandit to a camp west of Zabu and learns the habits of the camp. During the daytime squads of bandits come and go leaving gaps in defenses. When night falls and guards are limited Durigath Flamesmiter and Fang (The Butcher) sneak into the camp casting sleep on a bandit. They then tie him up and gag him in case he wakes up. When they get back to Sera she ends up stripping him of his clothes then cuts his throat. She then cuts off his face and hair to use as a disguise. The next day they head into the bandit camp with Sera's new disguise with Durigath acting as a prisoner. They end up fooling the first couple groups of bandits until the bandit captain orders his men to take the dwarf into custody. Durigath Flamesmiter then casts Scorching Ray to start combat. The party encounters 8 bandits and 1 bandit captian.

2,500 cp
1,200 sp
100 gp
7 art objects (10 gp)
Potion of Greater healing
Spell Scroll (Level 2) – Crown of Madness
Letter from Kafele

Letter from Kafele

Move the camp North to Sandy Ridge and meet Satau and his men. Get there by 7/1/821 and you will receive your next orders there.


END SESSION NOTES: The party ended session in the bandit camp, they split up treasure received 1,200 XP each. Durigath Flamesmiter wants to take the horse back to town to sell them and a squad of bandits are still trip outside of camp and will return sometime this day. They kept the Bandit Captian alive and tied him up for questioning.

Information from Zabu

Start: 5/28/821 SR
End: 6/2/821 SR

The party travels into the desert towards Zabu. Between Mothtovar and Barakat they run into a small desert encampment of raiders where they run into a dwarf named Gargam Shieldbreaker. The party kills 3 Desert Riders and take one captive to ask him questions looking for the man with the scar.

33 cp
14 sp
10 gp
10 Waterskin
3 Iron Pots
24 Dry Rations
4 Flint and steel

The party leaves Barakat for Zabu. When they arrive the seek out a high end Tavern and are led to The Rare Harp. The player stay the night and the next day the party looks for more information. Xanpos goes to the guild hall to meat Harua and is offered a job as a leather worker. Gargam Shieldbreaker and Durigath Flamesmiter walk through the wealthy area of the town looking for Harua's home and find a large structure as his home. Gargam Shieldbreaker then walks by himself to find the mansion of Nomark Kaden where he is offered to come back at dusk to perform for the Nomark. Fang (The Butcher) goes to the naughty skunks bar where he finds many people coming and going. He later finds out that the bar-keep knows Kafele and when he mentions him the conversation goes from light to serious. Durigath Flamesmiter goes to the town hall and speaks with Pamont and ends up insulting the Master of Records. Xanpos travels around the town and buys some fine clothing checking out the local leather workers to see what is to be expected from other artisans of his skill. The whole group goes together to the outskirts of town to speak with some people about the mission leather worker that Harua mentioned. Xanpos attempts to speak people and find no information then Fang (The Butcher) speaks to 1 person and finds out where Sahaer lives and the party then goes to his house.  The party walks into the house to find a poor homestead and find no signs of struggle nor did he pack up and leave on his own free will. The party decides to use Sahaer's house as their own for now. When they leave they are attacked by begger-thieves and acquire;

33 cp
28 sp
4 Janbiya (dagger)

END SESSION NOTES: The party ends session out side of their new hut they acquire 600 XP each for the day bringing them to level 3. 

The Players Meeting

Start: 5/24/821 SR
End: 5/28/821 SR

Fang (The Butcher) was dicommissioned from the military as he walked outside to see a figure (Durigath Flamesmiter) walking through a sandstorm before collapsing. He went up to find that it was a dwarf and carried it to the Temple of Sethora.  Xanpos saw the dwarf being carried in which sparked his curiousity leading him into the temple to see what was going on. Rhogar Kerrhylon was praying in the temple and while leaving saw the small gathering where he stopped to see what was going on. The party met each other and a young attractive priestess named Sera. The party stays the night in Xanpos house for the night then travel south to find the desert raiders that took Durigath Flamesmiter captive. They surprise the bandits and aquire the following;

10 EP
20 gp
5 tents
Dry Rations x15
6 Water skins Jeweled Dagger (50 gp)

The party stays the night in the bandit camp before traveling northeast towards Moshtovar where they are attacked by a pack of Hyena's. The party then travels to Moshtovar where they seek out the scared man. They make their way to the The Snoring Barricade  Tavern where they get a lead about a minstrel who might know who they are looking for. They stay the night outside of the city to return the next day to see the minstrel Froythas to see what he knows about the man they seek. The party finds out that the man they seek is traveling with a well armed crew towards Zahbu.

END SESSION NOTES: We end session in Moshtovar speaking with Froythas in the tavern. Each player earns 300 XP and levels up their characters.

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