Mysteries of Sovania

Zahbu Underground Temple

Start: 7/22/821 SR
End: 8/13/821 SR

The players travel further into the secret complex to find out that we entered a hidden temple of Sharn. Xanpos attacked the Priestess Lagathu. They party killed 2 templars and 2 acoloytes while Sera watched and refused to engage in combat. Lagathu and 2 templars escaped returning with the High Priest of Manu and a huge body guard dressed like a paladin bearing a shield with the symbol of Manu. The party resurected the acolytes and one of the templars and was asked to take a penance of 20 lashings as punishment before Lagathu would release Helga's companion. Xanpos, Durigath and Fang took their lashings in public while Fang ranged before the lashings began. After the lashings everyone looks for their lodging except for Xanpos who goes to the tavern with Tia and ends up going home with her. After a few drinks and some smoozing he convinces her to take him home where she tears off his armor, clawing his entire body with her long nails and biting his neck. His night ends with a rough sexual encounter between Tia and Xanpos and in the morning wakes up with bruises and blood clotted wounds.

END SESSION NOTES: The player end session in Dandarah around noon. Everyon gain XP for the day and we need to pick up new quest strings while here.

Ashbron Vault: Day 2

Start: 7/16/821 SR
End: 7/20/821 SR

Rhogar catches up with the players and runs the guantlet. After meeting up with the party, th 5 of them enter the Summinng Circle Lock.

Summing Circle Lock
There are 4 double doors to this room, each set has a dragon head facing the other with slight variations. In the center of the room is a summoning circle inscribed with draconic characters that don't make intelligible words and arcane symbols, the walls are filled with silvery veins that glow blue after everyone enters the space and the doors lock. The ceiling is a glassy like substance 30-feet above the floor where gravity reverses mid way up. Once a player is on the ceiling the draconic writing from the summoning circle reveals the following passage.
"Four doors to leave this room, only one door can be chosen. Choose the wrong door and summon the one eyed beast"
There are 4 variations of the symbols on the door

  • Dragon head with eyes closed
  • Dragon head with eyes open
  • Dragon head with no eyes and tendrils
  • Dragon head with no eyes and beard  (correct choice)

Once the players enter the room all doors close and lock and start to rotate counter clockwise. If the players select the wrong door they summon Cyclops to the center of the circle and must roll Strength save DC 17 or be pulled into the circle. While the circle is active no creature can attack another inside the circle from outside it. This is true for spells and ranged attacks. 

The players unlock the room and head forward down the corridor to the vault room. Once they enter they see a room filled with quick sand with a stone pedestal walkway which they must leap across. Half way across Xanpos and Rhogar attract the attention of 10 stirges. After killing the stirges the players acquire the Crystalline Armor from the pedestal then get into the one of the side caverns by use of levitate and Tesnors floating disk. Deeper in the cave they find a horde of treasure.

600 Copper 
6,000 Silver 
2,000 Gold 
120 Platinum 
1 Chrysoprase gems worth 50 gp 
2 Star rose quartz gems worth 50 gp 
3 Jasper gems worth 50 gp 
1 Zircon gems worth 50 gp 
1 Sardonyx gems worth 50 gp 
1 Potion of Climbing 
1 Spell Scroll(2nd level, Locate Object) 
1 Spell Scroll(1st level, Expeditious Retreat) 
1 Potion of Healing

END SESSION NOTES: All players received 6,000 XP for the session. We still need to divvy up treasure. Rhogar levels up needs to be updated in Combat Manager. We end session after traveling back to Zahbu and we are just outside the town.

Ashborn Vault

Start: 7/15/821 SR
End: 7/16/821 SR

Writing on this large stone door says "Here lies the vault of Tazzire, lord of the dragonborn, inciter of rebellions, bearer of freedom, intruders beware". The door appears to have no hinges or ability to hang by its own free will. The massive locked door is trapped with a lightning trap that can't be identified by normal means except for detect magic. 

Lightning Door trap
Dexterity save DC 20
This sliding door burst lighting in a 5-foot radius. Any creature near the door must make a dexterity save or suffer 4d8 lightning damage on a fail or half as much on a success.

The party travels past the sliding doors to a large crevice filled with a bubbling liquid which apperas to be acid with a broken path that is corroding away. Xanpos tests the liquid by scooping up some in his iron pot and testing a ration and water skin in the liquid. Each of the test led to the ration or water skin being disintegrated.

Acid Bridge 
Dexterity save DC 10
To cross the disintegrating bridge, the players must make a dexterity  check, DC 10 to move at half speed or fall into the acid taking 2d6 damage per round they are stuck in. Once a character falls they must succeed on a strength check DC 15 to get back out. 

After crossing the Acid Bridge the players proceed to a set of double doors that doesn't appear to be trapped or magical. After opening the door the players here something large drop creating a loud thump. As the door is fully open they see a gauntlet of pendulums, spinning blades and swinging spiked logs.

Gauntlet Room
Dexterity save DC 10 (pendulum) DC 15 Spinning Blade, DC 10 Swinging spiked log
Pendulum deals 2d12 slashing damage on failed save or no damage on a success. Spinning Blade deals 2d6 slashing damage damage on failed save or no damage on a success. Swinging spiked log deals 1d8 piercing plus 1d6 bludgeoning damage on a fail or no damage on a success. Players can only move at half their speed to make any dexterity checks.

Xanpos goes on by himself and after he passes the chamber he heals himself so that he can continue on.

Flames and Spikes
Dexterity save DC 15 (flames) DC 12 Floor Spikes
In order to make checks the player can only move at half speed. For the flames the players takes 3d6 fire damage on a success or half as much on a success. The spikes deal 1d6 piercing damage on a fail or no damage on a success. For each half movement two checks must be made, 1 for spike and 1 for flames. 

After Xanpos makes it to a room with a teleportation circle, Fang decides to try his luck at the gauntlet. One by one the party makes  it through the guantlet to the summoning circle room.

END SESSION NOTES: All players have received XP and there was no treasure from this session. We end the session at sitting in the cooridor just before the room of doors and summoning circle.

Ruins of Ashborn: Session 2

Start: 7/15/821 SR
End: 7/15/821 SR

The players start in the ruins and get into a battle within the first few minutes of the session with 1 Air Elemental and 1 Earth Elemental. The players travel further into the ruins using the owl Nornad to scout ahead. They identify the position of a Storm Archon and 2 air elementals. After they engage the storm elementals Xanpos decides to charge in on the Storm Archons position yelling out "Come on" alerting the 3 Water elementals to his position. The players get sucked into a battle of impossible with odds with the water elementals and storm archon and manage to survive by shear dumb luck.

Ruins of Ashborn

END SESSION NOTES: The players end the session outside the ruined tower. Still need XP and treasure for this game session.

1,800 Copper 
1,500 Silver 
240 Gold 
1 Sardonyx gems worth 50 gp 
2 Carnelian gems worth 50 gp 
1 Onyx gems worth 50 gp 
1 Moonstone gems worth 50 gp 
1 Chalcedony gems worth 50 gp 
1 Ring of swimming

Ruins of Ashborn: Session 1

Start: 7/11/821 SR
End: 7/15/821 SR

The party completes the Brothers of the Forge quest handing over the Chalice of Everlasting Life. Afterwards they make an agreement with with Tia to stay in the secret mines they cleared. After a few days of searching through the hall of records, they locate the ruins of Ashborne in some ancient text. The next day the party travels southwest locating the ruins and finding it filled with Air and Earth Elementals. The party fights there way through 3 groups of elementals.

END SESSION NOTES: We ended the session in the ruins after Encounter 3 with a two air elementals and an earth elemental. We still need XP from this session.

Sandwalkers Treasure Horde

Start: 6/21/821 SR
End: 7/11/821 SR

The players continue to travel into the lair. They encounter the sandwalker in the ancient dragon lair along with 4 giant scorpians. Thock is nearly killed and Xanpos is knocked unconscious but healed next round by Sera. The players spend over an hour searching the lair for the secret vault finding the fault with a clean for the dais. Durigath Flamesmiter kneels before the statue and says the words listed on the dais and the secret door opens behind him revealing the following treasure horde.

3,400 Copper 
9,500 Silver 
6,040 Gold 
280 platinum;
1 Carnelian gems worth 50 gp 
2 Chalcedony gems worth 50 gp 
1 Sardonyx gems worth 50 gp 
1 Bloodstone gems worth 50 gp 
1 Jasper gems worth 50 gp 
1 Silk robe with gold embroidery worth 250 gp ;
1 Gold bird cage with electrum filigree worth 250 gp ;
1 Carved ivory statuette worth 250 gp ;
3 Silver necklace with a gemstone pendant worth 250 gp ;
2 Pearl gems worth 100 gp ;
1 Gray diamond gems worth 100 gp ;
3 Jade gems worth 100 gp ;
1 Chrysoberyl gems worth 100 gp ;
3 Garnet gems worth 100 gp ;
1 Tourmaline gems worth 100 gp ;
2 Jet gems worth 100 gp ;
1 Brown diamond gems worth 100 gp ;
1 Bag of Holding ;
4 Potion of Healing ;
1 Spell Scroll(cantrip, Shocking Grasp ) ;
1 Drift Globe;
1 Cloak of protection ;
1 Ring of swimming;
1 Hat of disguise
1 Dragonspear 1 Chalice of Eternal Life

After grabbing all the treasure the players spend a few weeks getting back to Zahbu where we start to put plans in motion for building a brothel and the next mission to pick up the Crystaline Armor.

END SESSION NOTES: The party ends in Zahbu where they purchase potions with money from the treasure horde. All players received XP and some leveled up.

Zahbu on Fire

Start: 6/21/821 SR

The players finish the battle with the platoon returning to Zahbu where they see new fires burning in the town. The town was attacked while they were away by a second force and find out that Pamont was taken captive. 

While they investigate Pamonts records hall they are greeted by an military officer who after speaking with them agrees to grant them an audience with the Nomark.


A guild Charter

Start: 6/19/821 SR
End: 6/21/821 SR

The players round up the slaves from the secret mines bringing them back into the mines from the Guild Hall. Xanpos leaves the mines to find Tia and bring her to Harua in the secret mines. Tia comes back with Xanpos through the secret entrance from the graveyard. Tia interrogates Harua and ends up taking over his operation. She tells the players they will get their reward in the morning over breakfast at the Rare Harp. The players meet Tia at the Rare Harp and after breakfast Xanpos and Fang join The Ruby Sanctum faction gaining the title of Crimsonite. The next day the players meet with Pamont to speak about a guild charter for Adrian Dawson. Fang identifies a piece of parchment containing the symbol upon the cloaks of the cult at the elemental rift. Pamont tells them if he will sing the charter for a pot full of gems. Xanpos talks with Tia and introduces Adrian, the two of them make a deal and she fills the pot. The next day the deliver the pot of gems and Pamont signs the charter.

Shortly after getting the charter signed the players see troops preparing in the streets of Zahbu. When they follow them to the North gate they find that a small army of Dragunti are burning farming homesteads.

END SESSION NOTES: All the players leveled up. We still need to get treasure and add level changes to combat builder. We end session on the battle field after defeating a handful of Dragunti while the accompanying army is still engaged in battle. 

Zahbu Thieves Guild (day 2)

Start: 6/19/821 SR

Encounter 2 guards and the 2 guards and 1 guild-thief and received;

19 Copper 
44 Silver

The party finds a secret door leading int area 7: Burial Chamber where they encounter a mummy and 2 skeletons.

Brass Scepter
35 Copper 
16 Gold

We travel further into the theives guild opening a secret passage leading into a corridor. Waiting for the players is a rogue and 2 guards. The players open all the locked doors leaving the unlocked door alone which unleashes a ball trap that drops from the ceiling missing all PC's The players then open the door to the Dinning room and encounter 4 guards picking up;

31 Copper 
11 Platinum

The party travel to the vault

600 Copper 
6,000 Silver 
2,000 Gold 
120 Platinum 
1 Star rose quartz gems worth 50 gp 
1 Moonstone gems worth 50 gp 
1 Carnelian gems worth 50 gp 
1 Bloodstone gems worth 50 gp 
2 Zircon gems worth 50 gp 
1 Chrysoprase gems worth 50 gp 
1 Citrine gems worth 50 gp 
1 Potion of Climbing 
1 Spell Scroll(2nd level, Hold Person) 
1 Spell Scroll(1st level, Detect Magic) 
1 Potion of Healing

END SESSION NOTES: The party ends the session in the Vault. They get XP and and treasure and divvy up coin.

Zahbu Thieves Guild

Start: 6/13/821 SR
End: 6/19/821 SR

The party travels back to Zahbu where they resurrect Durigath for 750 gp. They then talk to Kinsey to turn in their quest and talk to him about the silk clothes with the symbol of earth. He directs them to Sha'ir Madam Nefru. Xanpos and Durigath talk to Madam Nefru where she tells them the tale of Suraxalix. Fang and Rhogar go to the Naughty Skunk Bar and talk with Mahlomak where he reveals to them the secret entrance to the mines located in the Artisan Guild Hall. The players scope out the guild hall for 3 days before entering casting invisibility to sneak around during closing hours. On the 4th day they players enter the guild hall and travel into the secret entrance to the mines where they encounter 4 sovanian orc Guild-Thief to receive the following treasure.

31 Copper 
11 Platinum

They travel a little deeper into the mines and find a sealed passage to the left blocked by locked gate from their side as if keeping something out. The party travels to the right path and find the mines and 4 slavers whipping the backs of slaves. The slave drivers are carrying the following treasure.

22 Copper 
29 Silver 
11 Gold

END SESSION NOTES: We ended session in the Area 2: Gem Mines. Each player received XP and leveled up their characters. 


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