Fury of Suraxalix

Suraxalix sits in his timeless cell, a demi-plane of darkness lit only by the sporadic strikes of lightning. He watches the darkness illuminate as the magic which holds him fades allowing light to seep in from the mortal realm. His taste for revenge is bittersweet as he licks his chops pondering the tasty treats that wait beyond. Who has freed him and why, perhaps it’s a faithful servant from a distant past or adventurers seeking treasure he no longer has.

               No matter, he gathers his rehearsed thoughts which detail the measures and steps he will take when released. The time is almost at hand for Suraxalix to rule once more, and this time there will be no mercy. The soundless realm is interrupted by a deep and demonic voice, the first sound heard in a century. It brings with it an offering of great power to enact his revenge, yet at a small cost which he foolishly accepts. His ignorant followers better have a horde of treasure and a field of meat awaiting or there will be hell to pay. For when Suraxalix returns, Drachenwald will be reborn and the world will know fear once more.

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Mysteries of Sovania

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