Mysteries of Sovania

A Dark Pact

Start: 2/23/822 SR
End: 3/2/822 SR

The players decide to not attack the vampire coven head on and instead negotiate with their leader, Lord Dragor. They meet with Lord Dragor at the park and make an agreement that neither shall attack each other as long as they both sides are branded with their mark, but the groups wants to think it over. Lord Dragor gives them 24 hours to agree to the terms symbolized by a single rose placed on their doorstep. Xanpos meets Lord Dragor in the middle of the next night with the rose where he received the gold ring with large green emerald center stone circled by quartz. The players take the ring back to Sir Rewilih Chylle and attempt to lie to him about the death of his daughter failing a skill challenge 1 success to 3 failures. The party located Lord Dragor again to tell him the news and he agrees to send Sir Rewilih Chylle daughter Eovyre. Xanpos spies from a distance the following night and watches Eovyre enter, but never leave. The next two days the city is entrenched by a greater sandstorm then a sandstorm. The party then tries to dig up any rumors about their involvement with the vampires. Xanpos returns to the Bearded Dragon where he sees a man he found in the fields of the knight. He then begins to sow rumors about going to the vampires lair to destroy him while he sleeps. 

END SESSION NOTES: The players end session preparing to lure Sir Rewilh Chylle to a ruined keep a half days ride to the southeast. All players received XP for the session. 

Empty Silver Snuff Box with inscription marked Dreams

Start: 2/23/822 SR
End: 2/23/822 SR

The players attend a party at Wuvarax house filled Tandarian members. Once there they meet multiple members of the Tandarian faction including Baruti and ZahraAchmed brings devils root to smoke in a pipe and the party learns of a dead woman terrorizing Baruti. They teleport to Sarnaga where they travel the the Mastaba where Baruti's wife is at. Sera casts Speak with Dead on the corpse asking the following questions.

END SESSION NOTES: Party receives XP. 

Q1) How did you die?
A1) A dagger to my throat

Q2) Who killed you?
A2) An unseen servant

Q3) Who were you enemies?
A3) None that I could see.

Q4) What were you hiding from your husband?
A4) An urn of ash

Q5) What are the ashes?
A5) A thousand year old mummy.

The party is attacked by a ghost before he ethereal jaunts to the Ethereal plane sucking the players there through the Silver snuff box portkey. The players are stalked by Ethereal wolves and an Ethereal Stalker. They end up freeing the Baruti's wife ghost from ethereal chains before heading back to the Prime. Sera resurrects Safiya.

END SESSION NOTES: The party receives XP and ends inside the Mastaba.

Tracking the Bloodsworn Cult

Start: 2/15/822 SR
End: 2/23/822 SR

The players track down the vampire cult and find them hiding out in a shared building with the alchemist shop. The engage 2 vampires before fleeing when the Lord Dragor appears after they attempted to slay two vampire spawn. The following day the seek out information. Durigath Flamesmiter goes the library while Xanpos and Rhogar Kerrhylon go to the temple of Manu to see what the high priest knows. An elder man dressed in white robes laced with gold with short gray hair and a long beard tells them the tale of Drumond and how to kill the vampires.

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP for this session.


Brothel Training

Start: 11/15/821 SR

The playeres defeat Suraxalix then return to Arnutta where they see that Kinsey Sweete has made himself at home. The party then heads to Dandarah where they oversee the final construction of their brothel. While there they buy and sell goods and then Rhogar Kerrhylon and Xanpos spend Downtime for a 14 months to train up to level 14 spending money for a trainer.

Level Advancement
1,000 gp X Level advancing to = Training Cost
14 days X level = Training Time

The players stay in town and learn of missing people get a quest from a local knight. They have a run in with the Bloodsworn.

END SESSION NOTES: We end the session, need XP and coin.

Suraxalix Keep: Day 1

Start: 10/20/821 SR

The players defeat the kobold ar

Building a Brothel

Start: 10/13/821 SR

The players defeat the kobold army, collect battlefield loot then head to Dandarah where they plan to open a brothel. The party meets Reshef, Master of Records where they make an agreement to bring back an implement held by Pamont who is heading to Suraxalix's lair. The players will give Reshef the implement as an incidental fee and in return he will blinding sign the deed over to the players. 

Brothel Construction
Start: 10/17/821 SR
End: 12/21/821 SR

Arnutta: Day 2

Start: 8/15/821 SR
End: 8/15/821 SR

The party make their way further into the castle. After entering the courtyard they get attacked by 3 Slavers and 2 Ahuati firing arrows from the keep through Arrow Loops. After killing the slavers the players enter the keep and get jumped by 3 berserkers and the Ahuati fire more shots at targets still on the outside. The party makes their way to level 4 in little to no time thanks to Xanpos previous scouting mission. While traveling through the keep they encounter 9 guards. They finally enter the royal suite of the keep where the encounter Kafele. When they enter the keep they see Kafele donning his armor with the help of 2 peasants. The party also sees Pamont how has tatooes on his head and arms which are glowing upon the party entering. Durigath tries to send his zombie across the room when he is stopped by a wall of force. The party exchanges small talk with Kafele and Pamont. Pamont starts the combat 

Round 1.

Pamont cast frost bolt at 2 characters, then teleports out

2 Ahauti. Move in for multiattack attempting to disarm characters.

Kafele. Malign Wrath

Round 2.

Ahuati 2 uses multiattack on Xanpos.

Ahuati 3 rushes in through door attacking Xanpos.

Kafele. Command Undead and takes control of zombies and uses them to attack Xanpos. Then casts Crown of Madness on Sera. On her turn she attacks Xanpos.

Round 3.

Kafele recharges Malign Wrath damaging all and causing weakened soul on Helga

Round 4.

Kafele full out attacks Fang with three attacks.

END SESSION NOTES: We ended the session killing Kafele. We still need XP and treasure and story wrapup for Act 2.

Arnutta: Day 1

Start: 8/13/821 SR
End: 8/15/821 SR

The party makes it to Arnutta where they see a small castle and village. Xanpos sneaks into the castle while invisible. After an hour of being inside he just makes it out only to get forced back and into slavery. Xanpos assists the other slaves in building battlements while his companions attack the village and then the castle. When the players get close to the castle the guards call to close the gate. Xanpos cuts off the one guard which results in the gate remaining open. He then takes on the 2 slavers guarding the front door and during combat unlocks the main door. His companions rush into the courtyard killing the slavers.

END SESSION NOTES: We ended the session in the courtyard. All players received XP, combat builder hasn't been updated and no treasure has been handed out. 

Zahbu Underground Temple

Start: 7/22/821 SR
End: 8/13/821 SR

The players travel further into the secret complex to find out that we entered a hidden temple of Sharn. Xanpos attacked the Priestess Lagathu. They party killed 2 templars and 2 acoloytes while Sera watched and refused to engage in combat. Lagathu and 2 templars escaped returning with the High Priest of Manu and a huge body guard dressed like a paladin bearing a shield with the symbol of Manu. The party resurected the acolytes and one of the templars and was asked to take a penance of 20 lashings as punishment before Lagathu would release Helga's companion. Xanpos, Durigath and Fang took their lashings in public while Fang ranged before the lashings began. After the lashings everyone looks for their lodging except for Xanpos who goes to the tavern with Tia and ends up going home with her. After a few drinks and some smoozing he convinces her to take him home where she tears off his armor, clawing his entire body with her long nails and biting his neck. His night ends with a rough sexual encounter between Tia and Xanpos and in the morning wakes up with bruises and blood clotted wounds.

END SESSION NOTES: The player end session in Dandarah around noon. Everyon gain XP for the day and we need to pick up new quest strings while here.

Ashbron Vault: Day 2

Start: 7/16/821 SR
End: 7/20/821 SR

Rhogar catches up with the players and runs the guantlet. After meeting up with the party, th 5 of them enter the Summinng Circle Lock.

Summing Circle Lock
There are 4 double doors to this room, each set has a dragon head facing the other with slight variations. In the center of the room is a summoning circle inscribed with draconic characters that don't make intelligible words and arcane symbols, the walls are filled with silvery veins that glow blue after everyone enters the space and the doors lock. The ceiling is a glassy like substance 30-feet above the floor where gravity reverses mid way up. Once a player is on the ceiling the draconic writing from the summoning circle reveals the following passage.
"Four doors to leave this room, only one door can be chosen. Choose the wrong door and summon the one eyed beast"
There are 4 variations of the symbols on the door

  • Dragon head with eyes closed
  • Dragon head with eyes open
  • Dragon head with no eyes and tendrils
  • Dragon head with no eyes and beard  (correct choice)

Once the players enter the room all doors close and lock and start to rotate counter clockwise. If the players select the wrong door they summon Cyclops to the center of the circle and must roll Strength save DC 17 or be pulled into the circle. While the circle is active no creature can attack another inside the circle from outside it. This is true for spells and ranged attacks. 

The players unlock the room and head forward down the corridor to the vault room. Once they enter they see a room filled with quick sand with a stone pedestal walkway which they must leap across. Half way across Xanpos and Rhogar attract the attention of 10 stirges. After killing the stirges the players acquire the Crystalline Armor from the pedestal then get into the one of the side caverns by use of levitate and Tesnors floating disk. Deeper in the cave they find a horde of treasure.

600 Copper 
6,000 Silver 
2,000 Gold 
120 Platinum 
1 Chrysoprase gems worth 50 gp 
2 Star rose quartz gems worth 50 gp 
3 Jasper gems worth 50 gp 
1 Zircon gems worth 50 gp 
1 Sardonyx gems worth 50 gp 
1 Potion of Climbing 
1 Spell Scroll(2nd level, Locate Object) 
1 Spell Scroll(1st level, Expeditious Retreat) 
1 Potion of Healing

END SESSION NOTES: All players received 6,000 XP for the session. We still need to divvy up treasure. Rhogar levels up needs to be updated in Combat Manager. We end session after traveling back to Zahbu and we are just outside the town.


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