Mysteries of Sovania

Arnutta: Day 1

Start: 8/13/821 SR
End: 8/15/821 SR

The party makes it to Arnutta where they see a small castle and village. Xanpos sneaks into the castle while invisible. After an hour of being inside he just makes it out only to get forced back and into slavery. Xanpos assists the other slaves in building battlements while his companions attack the village and then the castle. When the players get close to the castle the guards call to close the gate. Xanpos cuts off the one guard which results in the gate remaining open. He then takes on the 2 slavers guarding the front door and during combat unlocks the main door. His companions rush into the courtyard killing the slavers.

END SESSION NOTES: We ended the session in the courtyard. All players received XP, combat builder hasn't been updated and no treasure has been handed out. 


sirdraxis sirdraxis

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