Mysteries of Sovania

Ashbron Vault: Day 2

Start: 7/16/821 SR
End: 7/20/821 SR

Rhogar catches up with the players and runs the guantlet. After meeting up with the party, th 5 of them enter the Summinng Circle Lock.

Summing Circle Lock
There are 4 double doors to this room, each set has a dragon head facing the other with slight variations. In the center of the room is a summoning circle inscribed with draconic characters that don't make intelligible words and arcane symbols, the walls are filled with silvery veins that glow blue after everyone enters the space and the doors lock. The ceiling is a glassy like substance 30-feet above the floor where gravity reverses mid way up. Once a player is on the ceiling the draconic writing from the summoning circle reveals the following passage.
"Four doors to leave this room, only one door can be chosen. Choose the wrong door and summon the one eyed beast"
There are 4 variations of the symbols on the door

  • Dragon head with eyes closed
  • Dragon head with eyes open
  • Dragon head with no eyes and tendrils
  • Dragon head with no eyes and beard  (correct choice)

Once the players enter the room all doors close and lock and start to rotate counter clockwise. If the players select the wrong door they summon Cyclops to the center of the circle and must roll Strength save DC 17 or be pulled into the circle. While the circle is active no creature can attack another inside the circle from outside it. This is true for spells and ranged attacks. 

The players unlock the room and head forward down the corridor to the vault room. Once they enter they see a room filled with quick sand with a stone pedestal walkway which they must leap across. Half way across Xanpos and Rhogar attract the attention of 10 stirges. After killing the stirges the players acquire the Crystalline Armor from the pedestal then get into the one of the side caverns by use of levitate and Tesnors floating disk. Deeper in the cave they find a horde of treasure.

600 Copper 
6,000 Silver 
2,000 Gold 
120 Platinum 
1 Chrysoprase gems worth 50 gp 
2 Star rose quartz gems worth 50 gp 
3 Jasper gems worth 50 gp 
1 Zircon gems worth 50 gp 
1 Sardonyx gems worth 50 gp 
1 Potion of Climbing 
1 Spell Scroll(2nd level, Locate Object) 
1 Spell Scroll(1st level, Expeditious Retreat) 
1 Potion of Healing

END SESSION NOTES: All players received 6,000 XP for the session. We still need to divvy up treasure. Rhogar levels up needs to be updated in Combat Manager. We end session after traveling back to Zahbu and we are just outside the town.


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