Mysteries of Sovania

Sandwalkers Treasure Horde

Start: 6/21/821 SR
End: 7/11/821 SR

The players continue to travel into the lair. They encounter the sandwalker in the ancient dragon lair along with 4 giant scorpians. Thock is nearly killed and Xanpos is knocked unconscious but healed next round by Sera. The players spend over an hour searching the lair for the secret vault finding the fault with a clean for the dais. Durigath Flamesmiter kneels before the statue and says the words listed on the dais and the secret door opens behind him revealing the following treasure horde.

3,400 Copper 
9,500 Silver 
6,040 Gold 
280 platinum;
1 Carnelian gems worth 50 gp 
2 Chalcedony gems worth 50 gp 
1 Sardonyx gems worth 50 gp 
1 Bloodstone gems worth 50 gp 
1 Jasper gems worth 50 gp 
1 Silk robe with gold embroidery worth 250 gp ;
1 Gold bird cage with electrum filigree worth 250 gp ;
1 Carved ivory statuette worth 250 gp ;
3 Silver necklace with a gemstone pendant worth 250 gp ;
2 Pearl gems worth 100 gp ;
1 Gray diamond gems worth 100 gp ;
3 Jade gems worth 100 gp ;
1 Chrysoberyl gems worth 100 gp ;
3 Garnet gems worth 100 gp ;
1 Tourmaline gems worth 100 gp ;
2 Jet gems worth 100 gp ;
1 Brown diamond gems worth 100 gp ;
1 Bag of Holding ;
4 Potion of Healing ;
1 Spell Scroll(cantrip, Shocking Grasp ) ;
1 Drift Globe;
1 Cloak of protection ;
1 Ring of swimming;
1 Hat of disguise
1 Dragonspear 1 Chalice of Eternal Life

After grabbing all the treasure the players spend a few weeks getting back to Zahbu where we start to put plans in motion for building a brothel and the next mission to pick up the Crystaline Armor.

END SESSION NOTES: The party ends in Zahbu where they purchase potions with money from the treasure horde. All players received XP and some leveled up.


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