Mysteries of Sovania

Zahbu Underground Temple

Start: 7/22/821 SR
End: 8/13/821 SR

The players travel further into the secret complex to find out that we entered a hidden temple of Sharn. Xanpos attacked the Priestess Lagathu. They party killed 2 templars and 2 acoloytes while Sera watched and refused to engage in combat. Lagathu and 2 templars escaped returning with the High Priest of Manu and a huge body guard dressed like a paladin bearing a shield with the symbol of Manu. The party resurected the acolytes and one of the templars and was asked to take a penance of 20 lashings as punishment before Lagathu would release Helga's companion. Xanpos, Durigath and Fang took their lashings in public while Fang ranged before the lashings began. After the lashings everyone looks for their lodging except for Xanpos who goes to the tavern with Tia and ends up going home with her. After a few drinks and some smoozing he convinces her to take him home where she tears off his armor, clawing his entire body with her long nails and biting his neck. His night ends with a rough sexual encounter between Tia and Xanpos and in the morning wakes up with bruises and blood clotted wounds.

END SESSION NOTES: The player end session in Dandarah around noon. Everyon gain XP for the day and we need to pick up new quest strings while here.


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