Mysteries of Sovania

A Dark Pact

Start: 2/23/822 SR
End: 3/2/822 SR

The players decide to not attack the vampire coven head on and instead negotiate with their leader, Lord Dragor. They meet with Lord Dragor at the park and make an agreement that neither shall attack each other as long as they both sides are branded with their mark, but the groups wants to think it over. Lord Dragor gives them 24 hours to agree to the terms symbolized by a single rose placed on their doorstep. Xanpos meets Lord Dragor in the middle of the next night with the rose where he received the gold ring with large green emerald center stone circled by quartz. The players take the ring back to Sir Rewilih Chylle and attempt to lie to him about the death of his daughter failing a skill challenge 1 success to 3 failures. The party located Lord Dragor again to tell him the news and he agrees to send Sir Rewilih Chylle daughter Eovyre. Xanpos spies from a distance the following night and watches Eovyre enter, but never leave. The next two days the city is entrenched by a greater sandstorm then a sandstorm. The party then tries to dig up any rumors about their involvement with the vampires. Xanpos returns to the Bearded Dragon where he sees a man he found in the fields of the knight. He then begins to sow rumors about going to the vampires lair to destroy him while he sleeps. 

END SESSION NOTES: The players end session preparing to lure Sir Rewilh Chylle to a ruined keep a half days ride to the southeast. All players received XP for the session. 


sirdraxis sirdraxis

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