Mysteries of Sovania

Brothel Training

Start: 11/15/821 SR

The playeres defeat Suraxalix then return to Arnutta where they see that Kinsey Sweete has made himself at home. The party then heads to Dandarah where they oversee the final construction of their brothel. While there they buy and sell goods and then Rhogar Kerrhylon and Xanpos spend Downtime for a 14 months to train up to level 14 spending money for a trainer.

Level Advancement
1,000 gp X Level advancing to = Training Cost
14 days X level = Training Time

The players stay in town and learn of missing people get a quest from a local knight. They have a run in with the Bloodsworn.

END SESSION NOTES: We end the session, need XP and coin.


sirdraxis sirdraxis

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