Mysteries of Sovania

Empty Silver Snuff Box with inscription marked Dreams

Start: 2/23/822 SR
End: 2/23/822 SR

The players attend a party at Wuvarax house filled Tandarian members. Once there they meet multiple members of the Tandarian faction including Baruti and ZahraAchmed brings devils root to smoke in a pipe and the party learns of a dead woman terrorizing Baruti. They teleport to Sarnaga where they travel the the Mastaba where Baruti's wife is at. Sera casts Speak with Dead on the corpse asking the following questions.

END SESSION NOTES: Party receives XP. 

Q1) How did you die?
A1) A dagger to my throat

Q2) Who killed you?
A2) An unseen servant

Q3) Who were you enemies?
A3) None that I could see.

Q4) What were you hiding from your husband?
A4) An urn of ash

Q5) What are the ashes?
A5) A thousand year old mummy.

The party is attacked by a ghost before he ethereal jaunts to the Ethereal plane sucking the players there through the Silver snuff box portkey. The players are stalked by Ethereal wolves and an Ethereal Stalker. They end up freeing the Baruti's wife ghost from ethereal chains before heading back to the Prime. Sera resurrects Safiya.

END SESSION NOTES: The party receives XP and ends inside the Mastaba.


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