Character Creation Questionaire

Character and Campaign Questions.

  1. What's your character's name, race, and class(es)?
  2. What 'role' do you see your character playing in the party? Select as many as apply. Examples: tank, melee combat, ranged combat, skirmisher, healer, party 'face' (social interactions), wilderness expert
  3. How important is the accumulation of wealth?
  4. What's your character's main goal in life?
  5. If your character got to pick any three magic items or other treasures, what would they be. You need not name a specific item, just a general description of its function.
  6. Is there a specific type of campaign you'd be especially interested in playing? Select as many as apply, indicate any campaign type you want that's not included, or state 'no preference.' Examples: a wilderness campaign, an urban campaign, a pirates storyline, dragon hunting, fighting the undead, a military campaign, a lengthy dungeon-crawl, adventures in the Underdark, foray into Hell or another plane of existence, Vikings, Oriental adventures.
  7. Would you like the game focused more on: A) Combat B) Storyline C) Character development D) Traps/puzzles. Please list in order of preference.
  8. BONUS QUESTION FOR THOSE WITH PREVIOUS D&D EXPERIENCE: What one thing have you always wanted to do in D&D that hasn't happened yet? This can be a monster you want to fight or an in-game event like becoming a king or a werewolf, or something else. Please list something other than 'survive to 20th', as that's the hardest goal for a DM to plan for without cheating.

Background Questions

  1. Are your parents still alive?
  2. If one or both of your parents are dead when and how did they die?
  3. Who raised you after your parents died?
  4. Do you have any siblings?
  5. Have any of them died?
  6. If any siblings have died how did they die?
  7. What do your siblings do?
  8. Is your character married?
  9. Does your character have children?
  10. How did your character get started in their chosen class?
  11. Does your character have any heroes or inspirational figures?
  12. Is your character religious?
  13. What is your character’s view on magic?
  14. Has your character ever been arrested? What for?
  15. Does your character have any enemies?
  16. What are your character’s goals in life?
  17. Where did your character learn or train their skills?

Character Creation Questionaire

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