House Rules

Death by Critical Hit

When a roll of a natural 20 is made for an attack, roll another d20. If that result is also a natural 20 the target of the critical hit dies.

DM Point

The DM Point is similar to Inspiration points, but with greater effects. At the start of every game session, each player will start with 1 DM Point which they can use to bend the rules in various ways. You can use the DM Point for the following;

  • Automatic Success.  Use to automatically succeed on a single Attack, Ability check,  Saving throw or Skill check.
  • Devastating Critical. When you roll a natural 20 on a Melee or Ranged Weapon and don't die from the Death by Critical rule, then you can apply deal triple damage instead of double damage. 
  • Forced Re-roll. You can force an enemy to re-roll their attack with disadvantage or re-roll any attack you make with advantage. 

Spell Critical Hit

When a roll of a natural 20 is made for a ranged or melee spell attack, your spell deals maximum damage.


Damage normally leaves no lingering effects. A creature might sustain a lingering injury under the following circumstances (DMG P.272 ); • When it takes a critical hit (1% chance) • When it drops to 0 hit points but isn’t kill outright (25% chance) • When it fails a death saving throw by 5 or more. (50% chance/per failure)

Slow Natural Healing

Characters don’t regain hit points at the end of a long rest. Instead, characters can spend Hit Dice to heal at the end of a long rest, just as with a short rest. (DMG P.267)

Sustenance by Size

Creatures that are smaller or larger then medium require more or less food than the standard 1lb of food and 4 pints of water. Smaller creatures require half has much food and water as a medium creature while large creatures require twice as much.

Travel Pace

The Travel Pace table on page 182 of the Player's Handbook assumes the characters speed is 30-feet per round. The following table gives the speed tables for faster or slower creatures, but the affects listed in that table still apply to players on the mount. This table shows the normal speeds for such movement for 8 hours of travel with the exception of the 100-feet movement which is at 24 hours of travel for the speed of an Airship.

Speed Minute Hours Day
25 250 ft. 2.5 miles 20 miles
40 400 ft. 4 miles 30 miles
50 500 ft. 5 miles 40 miles
60 600 ft. 6 miles 48
75 750 ft. 7.5 miles 60 miles
100 1,000 ft. 10 miles 240 miles

Water Consumption

A character needs 4 pints of water a day or a gallon of water if the weather is hot. A character drinks only half that amount must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or suffer one level of exhaustion at the end of the day. A character with access to even less water automatically suffers one level of exhaustion at the end of the day. If the character already has one or more level of exhaustion, the character takes 2 levels in either case. Original rule is found on page 185 of the Player's Handbook.

House Rules

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