Desert Raiders (main quest)

Contact: Nomark Kaden
Location: Zabu
Description: Desert raiders are attacking caravans leading to limited supplies in the town. The Nomark would you like you to place a stop to the current raids and find out information about the leader.
ACT 1 Reward: 100 gp

Corrupt Guild Master (The Ruby Sanctum)

Contact: Tia
Location: Zabu
Description: The local artisan guild master Harua is corrupt and into some shady business. If you find out what he is into I will reward you for your efforts. I need proof to his illegal dealings.
ACT 1 Reward: 100 gp  (Magical Compass from treasure map quest)

Progression: Speak

Elemental Incursion (The Doracian Alliance)

Contact: Kinsey Sweete
Location: Zabu
Description: Elementals are growing in numbers in the south, there may be an elemental rift. If you can indentify the source of the growing numbers, I will reward you.
ACT 1 Reward: 150 gp

Progression: Speak with the Sha'ir Madama Nefru, she may have information for you on these silk clothes and the cult that you seek.

Treasure Map (Brothers of the Forge)

Contact: Krumthran Goldfist
Location: Zabu
Description: I have here a map fragment, I had the whole map, but the rest is missing. Someone has stolen. If you can find the other map fragment, I will give you my piece but I want a specific item from the treasure which I will reveal when you return.
ACT 1 Reward: Map fragment to treasure horde

Progression: Krumthran gives the players the map and tells them he wants a magical chalice that is in the ruins.

The Charter (The Tandarian)

Contact: Adrian Dawson
Location: Zabu
Description: He shows five platinum coins and asks "I have 5 platinum coins in my hand. Some would steal it, some would kill for it, some would embrace it and some would die for it. What would you do". I have been blocked at every turn on opening a guild charter here. I have been tasked with opening up sect in every major city in Sovania and if you can convince the local city officials to allow me to open. I will reward you with information leading to a magical item of legendary proportions.
ACT 1 Reward: Information to a Legendary item.

Progression: Ashborne is a small village, once oppressed from their dragon master. Rumor is a very rare armor was crafted by the dragonborn and it may still be there. Theydragonborn call it Crystalline Armor and rumor has it can protect from energy attacks originating from dragons.


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